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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Overview (sort of...)

Now, this site is still in the earliest stages of its creation and to make matters worse, I'm not tech bear with me!

Now, I should've put this in the introduction, but when I say stop the flop, the "flop" refers to anything in the NBA that doesn't appear to be on the up and up. Think of it as the extra stuff on the side that most people don't want to talk about, but is hard proving doesn't occur.

You know, refs betting on games, phantom calls, media bias, rigging the draft lottery, etc...all of which can be described as "the flop"... hence the term, '"Stop the Flop"...

The Introduction

Greetings! Welcome to Stop the Flop! This site is dedicated to addressing many of the problems facing the integrity of the National Basketball Association (simply referred to as the NBA to anyone living in this century).

As a lifelong basketball junkie and Detroit Piston loyalist, I've witnessed a league that was once the epicenter of athletic competition, devolve into a game that rewards those that generate the most revenue for advertisers by allowing them unfair advantages during games.

Whether it be by calling games one way, specifically, when one team is allowed to play in one manner while the other isn' one of the worst defensive strategy's to ever be dreamt up...the FLOP!!!

From my experience, those that cling to the rules and defend them are usually the ones benefitting from them. So yes, any Lakers, Heat, Cavs, or Celtics fans, you should probably just head for the exits before the guy on stage begins to chuck vegetables into the crowd...

In short, this site is for those fans that hate being viewed as the kid crying in the corner, but still insist that their love for the sport of basketball has been obstructed by a growing trend of crooked officiating and league bias...

Please feel free to discuss any experiences you've witnessed that had you questioning the validty of NBA outcomes...